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What is the Alexander Technique and how does it work?

The Technique teaches a method of consciously giving up harmful habits (such as unnecessary muscular tension and effort) in exchange for improved poise and balance in the body.  It is a way in which we can make the best use of the body we have.  With the help of a trained teacher, the pupil can be guided into experiencing new patterns of co-ordination. These skills are conveyed by the teacherís hands which with verbal instructions encourage the delicate relationship between the neck, head and spine into an easy equilibrium in order to function at its best. 

Why the Alexander Technique?

  • It has been known to help if you suffer with chronic back pain, headaches, aches and pains associated with tension, and the pressures of modern living.
  • It can improve performance if you are a musician or involved in performing arts or athletic pursuits.
  • It can help you to feel more energised or experience maximum efficiency in your body with the minimum amount of muscular tension.
  • It restores the natural good use of our bodies which most of us enjoyed in childhood.

Who can benefit?

The Technique can be learnt by anyone from 6 years to 106 (+) and can help in as many ways as there are individuals! It does not seek to 'treat' specific ailments but through learning how to change habits that do harm, the therapeutic benefits of applying it are considerable.
Lessons are normally conducted on a one to one basis and last between 30 to 40 minutes.  For comfort ordinary loose fitting clothes should be worn.

Alexander Technique lessons

Initially Margaret became fascinated by the Alexander technique when she worked alongside an Alexander teacher whilst giving singing lessons on an Eton Choral Course. She started having lessons herself, then decided to train as it would greatly enhance her singing teaching.

She graduated from the West Sussex Centre for the Alexander Technique as a teacher in 1999 and immediately began teaching the technique at Eton College and Bedales School and privately at home. She travelled regularly to Dublin giving lessons at Christ Church Cathedral. She also gave a Singing/ Alexander workshop in the Wigmore Hall studio working with students from the Royal Academy of Music.

She teaches the Alexander technique on the Eton Choral Courses and now combines her knowledge with that of singing teaching by giving regular classes at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London where she is a professor of voice.  

Margaret teaches the Alexander Technique from her home in Hampshire.

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Margaret giving a masterclass at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London

"Learning the Alexander Technique has been invaluable to me in my work as a hospital doctor. My performance of complex physical tasks such as venous cannulation has significantly improved and my patients benefit! I have also improved my performance in leisure activities such as swimming and violin playing."